The Standard On How To Check & Fix Your Faulty Ice Maker In Spring

Tips For Checking & Fixing Your Faulty Spring Ice Maker

Having ready ice cubes is a luxury we often take for granted, especially when we have an ice tray in the refrigerator or an ice maker. However, the latter, at times, fails to work; and that is the hapless reality of having a fridge with an ice maker.

In as much as ice makers can stop working, they are relatively simple to fix. They are not that complicated of machines, and all models work using the same principles. As such, you can diagnose and even set your faulty ice maker if you feel confident about taking up the challenge. You can give it a shot before going to repair services.

Below is how you can repair some of the issues that are common with ice makers.

1. The Ice Is Not Ejecting

If there is ice in the ice mold, then that means the container is receiving water, so you have no issue with the water supply. But it does means that you have an electrical or mechanical problem.

Cause #1: At times, the control arm is switched off unknowingly when moving the fridge around or when moving house. The result of this is the production of ice stops.

The Fix: The solution is rather straightforward. You only need to locate the control arm and nudge it to the on position.

Cause #2: If the control arm is on, then you have an issue with the gearbox, motor, or a faulty electrical connection.

The Fix: You first need to check the power connection to make sure all is well. For this, you will have to slide the fridge away from the wall and then turn off the valve that controls the water supply to the ice makers. You then disconnect the refrigerator from the power. Then reach inside the back wall of the freezer to locate and unplug the quick-release plug. Check and confirm that all ports are okay then reconnect the plug and make sure that it is firmly in place.

Once you have done any of the above, you then should proceed to remove the ice in the old. You can use water to throw it, which may take a few minutes, but it is the more straightforward approach.

You will then open the water supply valve and restore the electricity supply to the fridge. Then flick the control arm to the off position and then back down. Give it a few seconds so that the solenoid engages and the mold is filled with water.

You will give your ice maker approximately 3 – 4 hours for its to freeze the water and then check if now it will eject ice. If it does not, then you may have to replace the gearbox or motor.

2. It Is Not Making Ice At All

If you find that the ice maker is maker smaller than usual ice cubes or crescents, or it is not making any, then you probably have a clogged supply line that needs fixing.

Cause #1: One of the most common causes of this problem is frozen water inside the supply line.

The Fix: To repair the issue, you need to cut off the power supply, slide the fridge away from the wall, and then unplug it from the socket. Then proceed to locate and shut off the water supply valve that is underneath the machine’s sink. Pick a turkey baster and fill it with warm water that you then pour over the waterline. If you do not have the turkey baster, you can use a hairdryer. And if you have none of these things, then let the refrigerator seat for about 3 hours unplugged to allow the frozen water to melt.

Once you take any of the mentioned measures, you can then turn the water supply valve on, and plug the machine back in the socket and power it on. Listen to the sound of water filling the ice mold.

You need to call in the professionals if you find the clog is anything but translucent.

Cause #2: In some cases, it is the water filter for the ice maker that may be clogged.

The Fix: You will need a wash it if it is new or replace it if it is old. You can locate the filter inside the fridge; they mostly are installed there to prevent them from freezing over.

Regularly servicing your system will help to keep the smell away and prevent any other issues with your HVAC system. Feel free to contact us or call Schiller Services today if you are in need of AC or an ice maker maintenance in Spring.