The Proper Maintenance Of Your Spring TX AC Unit

Tips For Proper AC Maintenance In Spring TX

For your AC to work effectively, it’s coils, fins, and filter need regular cleaning and maintenance. That is how your AC will serve you for years. But failure to do the necessary maintenance, then your AC will steadily decline in performance while increasing your home’s energy costs.

AC Filters

Cleaning and replacement of worn-out components are the essential maintenance activities that will ensure your air conditioner functions optimally. Dirty filters and fins soon get clogged, and this restricts the flow of air causing your AC unit to work harder yet delivering insufficient heating and cooling.

The obstructed airflow causes the air to bypass the filter, and it will carry dirt and other debris directly to the evaporator coils. The result of this is an impair heat absorption of the coils. Cleaning the filters and fin is thus essential, and in some instances, you may have to replace them. Such maintenance can reduce the AC’s power consumption by nearly 5% – 15%.

For the Central ACs, their filters are installed along the return ducts, and the typical locations are the ducts running in the walls, furnaces, ceilings, or the central air conditioning unit. As for Room ACs, the filters are mounted on a grill facing inside the room.

The filters vary across different air conditioning system. Some are reusable, meaning you can clean and use them over and over until they are worn out. Others can only be replaced once they get dirty. Every make has its qualities and level of efficiency. But in as much as you can clean some of the filters, it is once to replace them every other month, especially at the start of each season. If your AC is frequently in use, then the filter will need more attention.

AC Coils

The condenser and evaporator coils collect dirt over time. Cleaning them prevents them from functioning insufficiently. For the evaporator coils, cleaning them prevents them from soiling quickly; it nonetheless will collect dust which hampers the flow of air while insulating the coil lowering its capacity to absorb heat.

The condenser coils also suffer the same fate, at it can be worse for them since the outdoor environment is dustier than inside the house. Dust and different debris collect on the coils with the fins been the best tale-tell sign.

The grass clippings, falling leaves, and dust in the dryer vents are the most common source so the debris can collect in your condenser unit. You, therefore, need to clean this area and clear any foliage that is within 2 feet from the condenser so that there is an adequate flow of air.

Coil Fins

If the fins on the condenser and evaporator coils get bent, this will block the flow of air through the coils. As such, you should exercise caution and be gentle when cleaning the fins. You should get a ‘fin comb’ for the local hardware store to straighten the bent fins.

Condensate Drains

You should pass a stiff wire through the drain channels occasionally to check if it is clogged. The clogging prevents the unit from reducing humidity leading to excess moisture in the discharged air that can discolor the walls, drapes, and carpet.

Window Seals For Room ACs

Remember to inspect the seal between the AC and the window frame. Make sure the seal is intact, having a firm contact with the metal case. Increased moisture can damage the seal, and this allows cool air to escape causing the air conditioner to work hard.

Preparing For Winter

Cover the outdoor unit during winter to protect it from the hard weather. You can also do the same if you have a room air conditioner, or you can opt to remove and store the unit.

Hiring A Professional

DIY maintenance is essential, but it will suffice if you want your air conditioner working optimally through the years. For this, you will need to call an experienced AC technician to service it, checking for components that need replacing or repair.

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