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Schiller Services provides Spring Texas residents with the best repair, maintenance, and air conditioner replacement available!

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All About Air Conditioning

Schiller Services repairs all brands of air conditioning products and equipment. We install all the top brands with the best warranties to ensure you many years of reliable comfort. 

Schiller Services will recommend the best air conditioning products and equipment that meet your design parameters, whether it’s for home or business, and if possible, give you the most cost-efficient alternatives. We take great pride in our customer commitment by supplying the most current information regarding energy savings, safety, and seasonal tips on how you can improve your monthly savings.

Schiller Services offers maintenance for all seasons to keep your energy bills down and to minimize breakdowns. This will also help to maintain your investment.

Air Conditioning is needed almost all year in Texas. Especially in Spring Texas. Schiller Services offers maintenance, repair, or replacement for all major brand air conditioning equipment. Schiller Services will do all we can to save you the costly expense of replacement unless it is absolutely needed. Our golden rule is that if we can get your unit back up and running without the cost of replacement and saving you money in the meantime, we feel we have done our job correctly. With air conditioning being one of the most needed appliances in your home, you need a reliable company you can trust. Schiller Services works hard to provide to you with the best customer service in the business!

Schiller Services offers spring A/C tune-ups. These are important to help keep your unit running efficiently and minimize breakdowns. We also offer over a 40 point air conditioning inspection to ensure the air conditioner is working correctly, safely, and efficiently.  

Our inspection includes items such as:  

  • Cleaning the condenser to keep the air conditioner running efficiently and removes dirt that could rub a hole in the condenser coil causing freon leaks.  
  • Drain cleaning will help prevent costly repairs due to water damage.
  • Duct inspections that could prevent cold air flow to the home and feed that cold air into the attic due to a duct that may have fallen off or may even have gotten knocked off by others working in your attic throughout the year.  
  • Inspection for burnt wires or bad connections that could cause inoperable equipment or even a fire hazard in the home.
  • Inspection for freon leaks.

These are just a few items of our 40 point inspection. Don’t hesitate to call if you have questions in regards to the remaining points of inspection.

Air conditioning checks are done every spring, roughly in April depending on the weather or anytime at a customer’s request. This usually happens once the weather gets above 70 degrees. Give us a call and we can help get you an inspection scheduled today!

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