Spring TX Air Conditioning Repair & Additional Equipment

Additional Equipment We Provide & Service


Mini Split Systems

Schiller Services offers many brands of mini-split systems. These systems offer a simple way to put Air Conditioning and Heating in an add-on room or build out (for instance, an attic space you made into an extra room) without taking air from your existing air conditioning and heating systems. A mini split system gives you a way to cool only or heat & cool a room with the touch of a button on a remote. Some units can cool or heat up to four rooms from one condenser (outdoor unit). These systems can require electrical, plumbing, and penetrations needed for correct installation.

Schiller Services is happy to assess your home or business to determine if a mini split system is the best fit for your application!

Portable Air Conditioner/Heating Units

A portable air conditioner and/or heating unit may be just what you need for a small area or room that does not cool down in the summer or heat up in the winter. Another reason a portable air conditioner and/or heater can be used is to cool/heat one room you wish to condition, versus cooling/heating the entire house. A portable air conditioner and/or heating unit may be the best way to fix the problem (whether temporary or permanent) of keeping you cool/warm without the expense of costly additional equipment or system replacement.