Knowledgeable HVAC Technician, Furnace Repair Service, Heating & Cooling Service In Atascocita, TX



Schiller Services is an HVAC company located in Spring within the Texas state. Schiller Services carries out maintenance, service, and installation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning in commercial as well as residential buildings. We provide these services in the Atascocita area as well as its environs within the Texas state.

Schiller Services is founded and owned by Tim Schiller who was born and raised in Houston. Mr. Schiller and his father had a passion for working with appliances and repairing things in their home as well as building their home from the ground up. Mr. Tom Schiller began his experience in air heating and air conditioning in high school, which is over twenty-five year ago. He carried on this passion through to college.

Schiller Services operates using the values and virtues that Mr. Tom Schiller learned working in his family-owned heating and air conditioning business back in Atascocita. These are:

The power of word of mouth in building a business

Customer service

At chiller Services, we ensure that all our clients have treated equally no matter the size of the job our team is to do for them. We treat our clients the same way we would like to see our own families treated which ensures a friendly approach to the client.


Mr. Tom Schiller insists on doing honest work. This comes out through explaining to our clients the step by step process of the work to be carried out in their premises. Moreover, our equipment is recalibrated to ensure that the test results are as accurate as possible. 


Schiller Services prides itself in executing exemplary work thus there are no service or maintenance contracts signed. This ensures that we are hired and paid on a merit basis and also based on our previous work.

Continuous training

Mr. Tom Schiller continues to go for a short course, training and seminars to improve his knowledge of HVAC systems and machinery and also encourages all the members of staff to do the same.

Tim Schiller began as an installer of heating and air conditioning, however, he decided to expand his expertise to refrigerators as well as ice machines. He is an HVAC technician and after gaining around ten years’ experience, he founded the Schiller Services company in the year 2010 in Spring, Texas. Schiller Services has continued to grow and provides its services to areas surrounding the Spring area.

Schiller Services also uses a no-pressure approach with our clients and shift our focus to the need of our clients. We strive to give our clients the best experience possible and establish a relationship with them.