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Apart from reliability, Schiller Services is known to provide high-quality standards of work delivery. The staff is committed to identifying the problem on your equipment and fixing it the same day of your visit.

The technicians will help you understand every bit of what needs to be done before the real work begins. Unlike other companies, we are not driven by greed we give options where possible rather than adding any complexities. Schiller services have gained trust through the work delivery we extend to our clients. Our business has recently been supported by referrals that come from clients we served before. We love receiving new customers and ensure they receive the best HVAC services. We extend from Spring, Texas to the entire neighborhood. Give us a call today!


Schiller Services has no doubt the best services when it comes to delivering services, maintenance and installations. With the availability of efficient testing machinery, reliable services are also conducted. Our well-trained staff is skillful and does everything to detail. Owing to the busy schedule of our clients, we ensure that we come up with a convenient time for the visit. Schiller Services has a variety of equipment and not to mention top quality equipment that is kept in good condition all the year round. Are you ready for the next installation? We shall install your preferred brand!

No Service or Maintenance Contracts

What counts for us are not service contracts, rather the kind of work we deliver, and the way our clients feel after our service delivery. We work in a passionate way and we feel grateful for any return we make to your business for installation or maintenance. We also do reminders when the time to clean the ice machines or have the water filters replaced. Whenever the refrigeration condensers need to be cleaned we alert you, all these reminders are out of goodwill as they are free of charge!


Since our services have been insured and licensed by the state of Texas, the Schiller Services have good access on both commercial and residential platforms. We can also deal with any size of equipment including the ice machines as well as refrigeration on a commercial platform. Our Dyersdale, TX HVAC technician ensures that there are quality work and full protection as the work is being done. This is irrespective of how big or small your business is.

Contact Information

We are always available to deliver the best of our services to you. Contact Schiller Services through one of our representatives, who will pick your call today. We are in Dyersdale, Texas and the neighboring areas!