Highly-Experienced Icebox Machine Maintenance, HVAC Technician & Furnace Repair Service In Hempstead, TX


Schiller Services is a company that deals with maintenance, repair and new installation of equipment. This maintenance is applied in commercial and residential areas we have a variety of equipment for any kind of service a customer calls us in for. 

We are a trusted and experienced commercial and residential HVAC company, this means that we deal with heating equipment, ventilation services, and air conditioning. Below is a brief explanation of how we deal with each of these services:

Here, we specialize in zoning that is diving the air conditioning or heating system into either 2 or 3 zones with its own control. The advantage of a zoning system is it saves so much energy and money that could have been used to purchase a cooling or heating system for other rooms. 

One of the things we insist on as an air conditioning company is the regular maintenance of equipment. Schiller Services in air conditioning deals with the repair, installation, and maintenance. 

As a company, we are happy when the customer suggests the type of brand he or she wants the equipment to be purchased from. There is also an option where our team comes in and helps you decide the brand you wish to purchase your equipment from. 

Also, here one of the tips our team gives to our customers is how to maintain the heating equipment, and to ensure that it is regularly checked so that in case of any repairs they are noted early. 

Here, what we deal with is the installation of heating systems, performing regular maintenance or repair services. Especially for heating equipment, they don’t all work the same some are electric while others are not thus they should be checked regularly. 

We are experienced in providing refrigeration repairs, maintenance, and replacements. Finding a good refrigerator can be challenging depending on your budget, the size of the fridge you want and the budget to have set. 

That is where the Schiller Services come in and help you decide the type of fridge to get since they have many years of experience in this topic. 

Refrigeration equipment also includes coolers and freezers, the Schiller Services team sets the perfect temperature that is favorable for this equipment to keep them running all year long. 

This service is mainly applied in big or small hotels, business offices with ice machines, home units with this equipment and convenience stores.

Just like the other services, here we deal with ice machine installation, ice machine repair, and maintenance. Maintenance of equipment is important since it reduces cases of breakdown of machines ensuring that nothing stands still, other than that regular maintenance reduces cases of repair thus saving money.

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