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Taking good care of our customers is our biggest priority at Schiller Services. This can only be done by involving them in the repair and maintenance processes. It is vital for us to give you proper respect and take care of you during the process. This is done by explaining to you what we do in the steps undertaken. We also make sure we do not bother you by making many visits to your home. The evidence is there of how much care we give to our members. Most of our clients are as a result of somewhat a pyramid effect. The feedback given to other people from our clients enables us to widen our consumer reach. This together with our normal new customers ensure we offer our services to many people.


The value of our work is unmatched and will continue that way for s long time. This can only be achieved by teaching our staff members well. The machines do should also be able to work at optimum levels that undergo no hitches. This requires the use of effective equipment to conduct a test. The main aim of this is getting machines that are not defective. The duration for making house visits is also optimized to make sure the client is not affected. Apart from this, we create offers on some of the best brands available and even give good references for the best ones in the market.

No Service Contracts

Whether it is for home or office purposes, we do not burden our customers by forcing them into contracts with us. We are proud enough to say that we offer good work that will attract us to us. Schiller Services also goes the extra mile to give you alerts in terms of reminders to take care of your machines. This can effectively be done by doing regular tune-ups and cleanings. The best thing about this is that it costs you nothing at all. There is absolutely nobody at all who does not like free products and we at Schiller Services give them.


Schiller Service is legally licensed in the State of Texas making us a very safe institution to work with. The client is always protected by providing something to fall back on in case something goes wrong. There is also no bias on who we work with as we cater for both office and personal purposes. The work we undertake at Schiller Services is always being praised for being of high quality and the protection one receives is another big boost. Schiller Services try to make sure we improve ourselves by signing up for and attending educational seminars every year. Renewal of insurance contracts means that the clients do not ever have to worry a day in their lives.


We are always there to take care of our prospective clients. A dedicated employee will make sure to get back to you regarding inquiries and information. Schiller Services vary from areas in Spring Texas to the surrounding areas.

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In case you have any questions and inquiries, feel free to contact us at one of our representatives will respond to your queries and inquiries. We serve Kingwood, Texas and its’ nearby parts!

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