Competitive HVAC Contractor, Icebox Machine Cleaner & Cooling Repair Service In Magnolia, TX

Schiller Services is a trusted company when it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning in the state of Texas especially around the Magnolia area. We pride ourselves by ensuring we give our clients quality services. Transparency is also a key virtue that all our staff members hold dear. In line with transparency, we strive to give our clients a better understanding of what the problem is with their system and what we shall do to fix that particular problem. To ensure efficiency and effectiveness, our staff aim to identify the problem during the first visit to the client’s premises or residence. 

Reliability is another thing we strive to achieve as Schiller Services when it comes to our customer services. To ensure we are reliable, we tailor our visits based on your schedule as the client, moreover, this ensures that the client is comfortable and at ease when our team comes to visit their premises or residence. In addition to this, for the accessories, we deliver as per our clients’ requests even for brands. However, if you are not aware of any brands, our team at Schiller Services, will get you one that is of a quality brand. Schiller Services also ensures that we use a variety of equipment as well as tools which are recalibrated periodically to ensure the accuracy of the measurements. 

At Schiller Services, we do not engage in maintenance or service contracts because our service, maintenance and installation works speak for themselves. We ensure that we execute exemplary work to ensure that our clients call upon us for repeat works. This system has worked for us and we are happy to say that most of our clients are referrals from our past clients. This has continued to give us confidence in our work as Schiller Services. At Schiller Services, we go the extra mile to ensure that our clients have their systems up to date by sending them reminders. The reminders can be to change water filters, refrigerator condensers, clean your ice machines and tune-up your heating and air conditioning systems. These reminders are friendly and do not impose an extra cost to our clients. 

 Furthermore, at Schiller Services, we strive to keep our team up to date by renewing our licenses and paying up our insurance. We also attend seminars and training on issues and matters HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) to give our staff knowledge on how to improve our services. We are also licensed to work on all types of machines big or small, refrigeration or ventilation. Schiller Services has a technician who is licensed by the state of Texas in HVAC to ensure that you are protected when we carry out service, maintenance and installation works for you. 

In conclusion, at Schiller Services, we aim at giving you the best services while all works being convenient to you!

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