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Provider in spring, TX for HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation. We also service ice machines and refrigeration.

Experience in The Field

With over 25 years of experience in residential and commercial HVAC services in Texas, we have the technical know-how, training, and knowledge to do the job well. We often attend the training classes which are ongoing in order to continue our knowledge in the field. It is important to prevent problems that may arise by installing the correct equipment and sizing it correctly for each job. Having years of experience and wide knowledge with the right tools, programs, equipment, and training helps us be on top always. Our customers contact us because they want the best from us and that is what we strive for each and every day.

Services Offered

1. Air Conditioning

Schiller services repair all types of air conditioning products and equipment. We install all equipment with the best warranties to ensure you years of comfort and reliability. Schiller services recommend the best air conditioning products that meet your design, whether it is to be used at home or business. We may also give you the most cost-efficient options. We take pride in our customers and convey the most current information concerning safety, energy savings, and tips on how to improve your monthly savings.

2. Heating Services

We offer many brands of heating equipment for residential or commercial purposes. We offer everything from service and maintenance up to replacement of all brands. Heaters should undergo a check at least once a year to ensure safety for your family or employees. We take several steps to ensure your equipment is tested and safe for use. Bear in mind, despite the breakdowns that may happen, heater checks can minimize damages and also prevent repairs which could be costly. Although we are located in Texas and only use our heating products for a limited time, heaters can be dangerous and should be checked at a minimum of once a year.

3. Refrigeration Services

Refrigeration is an industry on its own. It requires years of experience and extensive knowledge. Schiller Services has the skilled personnel that possesses both. We service all models of refrigeration equipment, both old and new. We will ensure that all your commercial refrigeration equipment is offering the efficiency you need. You should be careful so as not to lose money due to equipment failure that would have been prevented easily by carrying out routine maintenance on your freezers, coolers, reach-ins, and prep tables.

4. Ice Machine Services

There is always a high demand for ice machines in Texas, especially during the summer season. We offer services to all customers including both commercial and residential. We service establishments such as hotels, business offices, and commercial home style units. Schiller services offer non-contract agreements. This means you can have us return as needed to clean your equipment. Our customers appreciate the ease of us scheduling our return visit so that they do not have to deal with it themselves. We offer systems and filters that fit your needs, work on dispensers and install bins that match your ice machine

We offer the best services and always aiming higher every day. You can contact us and air out your concerns and we promise to attend to them.  

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