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We are an experienced and much-trusted firm that delivers reliable services in our line of duty. Our work is our main priority thus when we first visit you, we work round the clock to find the problem and fix it. Also, we provide you with options for all our services, installs, accessories, and maintenance, all at no pressure. Our work is important and so are our customers, we always take time explaining to them what we do. This step-by-step process done before the work begins is of utmost importance since it confirms that our customers clearly understand what will be done. We are always convenient to work with first-time customers. However, we boast that quite a number of our customers are referred to us by our forenamed customers. This suggests Schiller Services is a trustable label, thus acquiring a reputable name. If you are in Spring, TX, or its environs, in need of quality HVAC services, get in touch with us today.


We are a reliable commercial and residential HVAC company that delivers services of high quality. Testing tools and equipment used by our team are recalibrated every year or when necessary, hence reliable. Our customers can count on us to deliver services to them. We offer a wide choice of services on equipment and brands. The Schiller Services staff is trained to approach every work including installations, service, and maintenance in detail leaving out not a single bit. If you have a jam-packed schedule, we make it convenient for us to visit you through our reliable interval of time. Depending on your needs, we are available to give you recommendations. Also, we will provide our installation services and install a brand of your choice. 

No Contracts (Service/Maintenance)

At Schiller Services, we don’t work with contracts, we depend on our work. We are confident enough in the work we do such that we are ascertained that our customers will keep coming back to us whenever they need our service in maintenance and installation. By providing services of high quality, our customers depend on us, also contracts are not necessary. With no contracts or extra cost, Schiller Services offers reminders when cleaning, changing, and/or maintenance time is due for: your heater, air conditioner, ice machine, water filter, and refrigerator condenser.


Our company is licensed and insured in Texas. The license comes with benefits like being allowed to work at no limit size on equipment, residential, or commercial. Another benefit is we are allowed to work on commercial refrigerators and ice machines. An HVAC licensed technician in Texas has to ensure that the protection and quality of their work are done at home or in business. For your investment protection, Schiller Services renews its license and insurance and attends annual continuing education.

Our Contacts

If you are in Spring, TX, and its environs, call us whenever you need services from Schiller Services, have questions, or want to inquire, and your call will be received.

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