Expert of Heating Repair Service, AC Installation & Icebox Maintenance In Pattison, TX


When choosing an air conditioning company especially in Spring, TX the are some advantages that a customer enjoys when he or she hired the right company to handle maintenance, repair, and new installation services

Schiller Services has so many advantages that are explained below. These advantages are privileges that customers who hire us get, they are factors that make the 10 out of 10 experience possible. They are:

  • Simplified work since there are no contracts

Schiller Services makes work easier by reducing the stress of signing contracts with customers. We are confident enough that the work we do speaks for itself. Quality services in maintenance and installation are what we do best leaving our customers happy. Our goal is to keep our customers for life and build our brand, that is why our customers keep calling us since they trust our services.

During installation services, most customers book us to come back and perform maintenance services in that case we offer free reminders for due dates of heating system or air conditioning systems, and when it is time to clean up ice machines to prevent them from breaking down. We also offer reminders of when to clean condensers or refrigerators and when to change water filters. 

The reminders the Schiller Services air conditioning company sends to customers are at no cost, this we believe makes the customers trust us even more, recommend us and hire us once again. 

  • We are an insured company 

Schiller Services is a company that has a license meaning that the State of Texas guarantees it. With this license, we as a company are able to do our work using any type of equipment and for any type of household. .Being insured is important since it means that you are protected by the state for any type of quality service you offer whether no matter the work is given. 

Companies that are insured by the state are trusted brands that many customers prefer working with. 

  • We offer tips for equipment to our customers 

With every new equipment installation, repair or maintenance our team gives the customer tips on how to operate the equipment, we also help the customer understand how important every tip we give is. 

Especially for repair services we look at the problem, explain to the customer the cause of the issue, tell the customer what to do and what to avoid then give the steps of how the repair process will be handled.

We also emphasize on maintenance since it is important, it helps:

  • Save money that would have been used to purchase another piece of equipment. 
  • Prevents future breakdown of that equipment. 

Maintenance is all about testing the equipment, cleaning equipment, making necessary adjustments and replacing broken parts to ensure that the machine runs smoothly. 

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We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77423, 77441, 77466, 77473, 77474, 77476, 77485, 77491, 77492, 77493, 77494, Pattison TX, Brookshire TX, San Felipe TX, Simonton TX, Sealy TX, Fulshear TX, Katy TX, Wallis TX

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