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Schiller services is a residential and commercial HVAC company in San Felipe, TX. We are known for quality and reliable services through our ever hard-working staff. It is our tradition to explain to our customers about the work we are going to do before we start doing the work. This actually enables our customers to know more about the work before the work is done. Our work is full of options for the clients to choose from. We offer maintenance, installation, and accessories. The range of services is quite long for the customers to choose their choices.

Schiller Services is known for its quality services in Texas. This reputation has created referral marketing networks in Texas and the surrounding areas. Our customers actually market us to other customers likely because of our reliable services. Schiller Services is open to new customers to enjoy our quality and reliable services. Reach us today to get the best HVAC services in San Felipe, TX. 


Schiller Services offers quality and reliable services. Maximum staff training and development are directed towards the quality and professional services that customers are looking for. The working tools and equipment are also very reliable. At Schiller Services, there is a wide range of equipment and brands for customers to choose from. Installation, maintenance, and equipment needs of all sorts are readily available for customers and they can actually make choices according to their needs.

No Service or Maintenance Contracts 

Schiller Services does not deal with working contracts. We believe in quality and reliable services that will make our clients work with us. We are confident in our services and we believe that our customers will always consider us whenever they have installation and maintenance needs. Schiller Services offers free reminders for equipment and installations. When we make installation for you, we will periodically remind you to change your ice machine or water filters, clean your refrigeration condensers etc. These services are offered freely at Schiller Services.


Schiller Services is a licensed and insured company in Texas. The insurance contract has allowed us to provide many equipment,  installation and maintenance needs. We provide all these services irrespective of size or capacity for both residential and commercial purposes. Schiller Services staff is highly qualified and able to ensure everything is done for you just as you expect or demand. The insurance contracts are renewed periodically to ensure the safety of your business. Schiller Services provide continuous training and development of the staff to ensure sustained quality services.

Contact Information 

Schiller Services is open for any queries, clarification, and inquiries. The customer care desk is handling such cases and customers are warmly welcomed to present their views. Feel free to contact Schiller Services at any time. For your HVAC services, welcome to Schiller Services in San Felipe, Texas.

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77418, 77423, 77441, 77452, 77464, 77466, 77473, 77474, 77476, 77485, San Felipe TX, Sealy TX, Pattison TX, Brookshire TX, Simonton TX, Wallis TX, Fulshear TX, Orchard TX, Bellville TX, Kenney TX


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