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What you should Know About Schiller HVAC Company

Schiller Services is a company that provides outstanding HVAC services in Spring Texas and its surroundings. Schiller Services include Air Conditioning, refrigeration, heating, insulation, ice machine, power washing, and many more. We offer quality services and work hard to ensure our customers are satisfied with our work. We value each of our customers, respect and treat them the same way. We take time to explain our services to our customers before offering our services to them. We give our customers room to inquire about anything they would want to know concerning the work we will do for them. We always ensure our customers are happy and satisfied with our work which has seen them refer other customers to us. This has helped us achieve our goal of becoming a household name. Tim Schiller is the owner and founder of Schiller Services. Schiller has more than 25 years of experience and practice. Schiller’s passion started when he was young and drew most lessons from his father. Later in life, he took courses in heating and air conditioning and attained knowledge in the field. You can therefore trust that our services are from experienced technicians. To receive our services feel free to contact us and we will not hesitate to satisfy and answer all your questions. You can also visit us anytime.


Schiller Services is a registered company and fully insured which is a good sign to tell you we offer quality services. When you contact us for our services we will do good work at your home with no mistakes. We annually attend ongoing training and renew insurance to ensure you and your investment are protected.


Schiller Services is the best in the field and always work hard to offer quality work with no mistakes. Our technicians have served in the company for many years thus experts in the work they do. Our technicians also undergo regular training to help them stay up to date with recent equipment and technology.


Schiller Services has proven to be reliable by offering quality services over the years. Our technicians are reliable and with knowledge in installation and maintenance of equipment. They also employ the right and reliable tools and equipment in installation and repair. We offer different top brands equipment reliable to our customer’s choices. Our Schedule is also convenient and reliable.

No contracts

Schiller Services do not sign any contracts with customers. Our work is excellent and we let it speak for itself. We offer quality work therefore confident that our customers are satisfied,  happy, and will call us back anytime they need our services as well as referring other customers to us. We keep in touch with our customers by reminding them when time is due for cleaning and maintenance. We offer these friendly reminders at no extra cost.

Contact information

Visit us or contact Schiller Services anytime you need our services. Our team is ready to answer any of your questions regarding the services we offer. Remember we offer what you need in installation and maintenance in Spring Texas and its surrounding cities. 

We service the following zip codes and surrounding areas:
77002, 77003, 77004, 77005, 77006, 77010, 77011, 77012, 77017, 77019, 77021, 77023, 77025, 77027, 77030, 77031, 77033, 77034, 77035, 77036, 77042, 77045, 77046, 77047, 77048, 77051, 77053, 77054, 77056, 77057, 77058, 77059, 77061, 77062, 77063, 77071, 77074, 77075, 77081, 77085, 77087, 77089, 77096, 77098, 77099, 77401, 77402, 77459, 77477, 77481, 77489, 77497, 77501, 77502, 77503, 77504, 77505, 77506, 77508, 77511, 77512, 77517, 77536, 77545, 77546, 77547, 77549, 77578, 77581, 77583, 77584, 77587, 77588, 77598, Pearland TX, Manvel TX, Houston TX, Fresno TX, Friendswood TX, Rosharon TX, South Houston TX, Alvin TX, Missouri City TX, Pasadena TX, Webster TX, Bellaire TX, Stafford TX, Galena Park TX, Thompsons TX, Deer Park TX, Santa Fe TX

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