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The kind of relationship created between our customers and Schiller Services is known far and wide. We make sure to put our clients need first and you can even say that we consider them always right. There are no recurring visits done meaning we will find a solution the first time we tackle the problem. Our process involves notifying the customers of each and everything we do.

This has allowed us to create a network of customers who believe in us so much that they end up doing the advertising for us. This is evident from the fact that a big number of our clients ended up with us because of hearing from others. Do not misunderstand this for Schiller Services also allows brand new people to seek our services. Simply contact us for I promise you are not making a mistake trusting us with your equipment.


Schiller Services does a great job in the service, maintenance, and installation of machines. To ensure this is done well and with no complaints, we train our employees in an organized manner. Any time these jobs are undertaken, there is no room for mistakes given. Proper testing materials are applied to make sure all the machines are perfectly fine. Schiller Services are also modified in such a manner that does not coincide with the schedule of our customers.

The time window is set to suit the client’s availability. Aside from that, for new installations or change of parts during maintenance, we offer many top brands and can go the extra mile as to offer recommendations for the best services.

Absence of Service Contracts

For Schiller Services, a contract implies that we wish to tie you down with us. We prefer the customer to seek our services instead of forcing them to do so. In addition to that, we remind you to take care of the machines through tune-ups and cleaning processes. The best part of this is that it is completely free. Think about the good it does to some of your equipment such as the refrigerator that permanently breaks down just because you did not service it.

The protection offered by Insurance

We at our company ensure that the services are guaranteed and protected and that is why we are insured in the State of Texas. Schiller Services also makes sure that we take on jobs for personal and business purposes all the same. Feel free to call us to your home or even office. We go the extra mile as to make sure we better ourselves by attending learning classes yearly and renewal of our insurance and licenses to take care of you and your property.


Schiller Services are always available to you at any time you need us. Our people are always ready to take your call and look for the easiest avenue to help you.

Feel free to get our services and benefit from us today. Contact us now for more installation service!

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