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We at Schiller Services value our customers and place them at a high pedestal. For this reason, the clients are involved in each process by giving them information on what goes on. We also make sure that we do not pose a bother to you by only using one trip. This treatment of individuals has earned us a good reputation which earns us more customers. In fact, most of our customers are as a result of other people but not to worry as new arrivals are allowed. Feel free to contact us to get the best services available.


There is nothing better than knowing your equipment is in safe hands and at Schiller Services we do exactly that. The personnel is well equipped with skills that are incorporated in a simple manner. Apart from that, the equipment used in the testing process is reliable and properly working. We offer timely and accommodating avenues to get to you at your own convenience. One of the greatest things about Schiller Services is that we offer top brands to you to choose from and even go the extra mile to give recommendations on the best ones to use. 

Lack of Service Contracts

Schiller Services offer our customers free will to do business with them again at their own free will. This is achieved by not offering contracts for services or maintenance. We are confident enough of our services and maintenance provision that you will look for us again when you need assistance. A one of a kind service is that we also render the appropriate regular reminders on tune-ups and cleaning on machines. Your device need not break down because of poor use. The benefit of all this is that you do not incur any cost at any moment.


We are proud to inform you that Schiller Services is properly licensed and insured in the State of Texas. This means you can never go wrong or incur losses with us. We are also open enough to offer services to anyone ranging from personal use to office work. The cover makes sure that the client’s property is well protected, and the quality is preserved. At Schiller Services, we try to better the technical know-how by going to yearly educational conferences and renewing coverages for the safety of the individuals as well as their property.


We are always available for anything one might need. Our people are there to offer support and knowledge on what one wants to inquire about. Schiller Services is the right and appropriate route to take for your daily services, maintenance, and installation issues. Just go right ahead and make the call today to solve your problems.

Reach us via e-mail, phone or paying a visit to our offices in Houston, Texas. 

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