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Filters have many shapes and sizes. Filters are a vital part of an air conditioning and heating system. The main purpose of an Air filter is to capture particles of dust and pollutants from the air before entering your air conditioning and heating system. Filters have a MERV rating. MERV stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Valve. The higher the MERV rating, the more effective they are at capturing smaller particles of dust or pollutants in the air.
We suggest a good middle-range MERV-rated pleated filter. Too low of a MERV rating can cause dust and pollutants to get the indoor coil (evaporator) dirty, causing expensive repairs needed, such as coil cleaning. Too high of a MERV rating can restrict airflow and lower CFM to all or most vents, meaning less air in each room. Restricted airflow can cause freeze-ups and costly compressor damage in severe cases.
Schiller Services recommends changing (or checking) air filters monthly to avoid buildup or unnecessary repairs. Keeping a filter clean also reduces pollen and allergens in the air, especially during the springtime. Setting reminders on your phone or computer is a way we recommend helping you remember to check your filter monthly or as needed.

A close up of the inside of an air filter.
A picture of the inside of an air filter.

Media Filters

Media filters can be added to an air conditioning and heating system in the attic (or at the unit) to filter the air better. This replaces the standard 1” filter located in your return grill for standard filtration. These Media Filters are 4” or 5” thick filters that allow air to be better filtered in your home or business. Media filters have a longer life span than standard filters due to a media filter having more surface area to filter the air. We usually find our customers like these filters better, as we can change them with our air conditioner and heating tune-ups. Though we still recommend you to check the filters monthly, media filters, not only better filter the air but typically save you the hassle of monthly filter changes.

Filters on Ice Machines

Water filters have many benefits, purposes, and needs for an ice machine. Water filters can block sediment, minerals, and reduce scale from entering the ice machine. Water filters can also remove or reduce chlorine, odor, or other unwanted contaminants from water. They also help keep the ice machine clean, minimizing breakdowns. Most breakdowns in an ice machine are due to improper cleaning, lack of cleaning of the ice machine, or due to a dirty water filter. Schiller Services offers many options for water filters and water filter systems that fit your budget for your home or business. We, Schiller Services, help keep you, your family, staff, and customers safe and healthy with a clean ice machine. We can save your family or business money by preventing service calls due to a dirty machine. Schiller Services offers many maintenance programs to keep your ice machine and ice machine filters clean and working all year long.

A bunch of ice cubes that are in the water.
A box of the game halo

Air Purifiers

A UV light or air purifier is an In-Duct Air Purifier that can be installed in your home or business Air Conditioner and Heating System(s). A UV light or air purifier can help with allergies or customers that may have a low immune system. A UV light or air purifier can reduce or remove air pollutants, microbial, smells, gases, surface bacteria, mold spores, viruses, and more. There are different levels and brands of air purifiers, pending on your need and budget, and we are happy to find one that best fits your home or business need(s). Air purifiers lose their effectiveness over time and do need to be maintained. Schiller Services offers a maintenance program or reminders to ensure the UV light or air purifier stays at an optimum level, as per factory specifications.
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Thermostats come with many options.

  • Standard Non-programmable Thermostat

A standard non-programmable thermostat is a simple control for your air conditioning and heating unit. This type of thermostat easily turns the unit to heat, cool, or off with a manual switch to the desired setting. This type of thermostat can also be set to the desired temperature by manually adjusting the temperature up and down. This type of thermostat is best for customers who want a cost-effective, non-complex, simplistic way to control their air conditioning and heating unit.

  • Standard Programmable Thermostat

A standard programmable thermostat is a thermostat that can be set to the desired temperature at a set time, with up to four events per day. This type of thermostat is great for someone who works an 8 am to 5 pm (or comparable) job daily. For example, if you leave at 8 am and get home at 5 pm, this thermostat can be programmed to run the air conditioner up to 80 degrees at 8 am, and it can be set to cool your home back down to 75 degrees starting at 3 pm to allow the home to be at your desired 75 degrees by the time you get home at 5 pm. With up to two extra events that can be added, such as when you go to sleep, and you want the temperature to decrease to 70 degrees, the thermostat will make the adjustment automatically so that you don’t have to adjust it manually.

  • Touchscreen Thermostat

This thermostat can be set up as a programmable or non-programmable thermostat. It can be set up in a non-programmable mode. In this mode, the thermostat will be similar to the standard non-programmable thermostat, with the same simplicity with an added touchscreen option, as opposed to the push buttons.

This thermostat can also be set up as a programmable thermostat. In this mode, the thermostat offers similar features to the standard programmable thermostat, with a weekly and weekend program that can be set up with the touchscreen option as opposed to pushing buttons. This thermostat offers additional features that allow you to program each day independently, as opposed to weekly and weekend. It also has enhanced features that can be set up, such as vacation mode and humidity control.

  • Smart Thermostat

There are different brands of smart thermostats that can be set up as simply or complexly as your air conditioning and heating system requires. These thermostats allow you to control the thermostat remotely from your smartphone or computer, which is ideal for customers that travel or do not have a standard schedule or those that are technically inclined. This thermostat has almost every option needed for today’s air conditioning and heating equipment. In addition to the Smart Features, this thermostat can assist with rooms that are unbalanced with temperature. This type of thermostat has the option to purchase additional sensors that can be placed throughout your home, where needed (also known as hot spots). These sensors work together to average additional room temperatures independently with the thermostat, to help eliminate hot areas (hot spots). In today’s technical world, although these thermostats cost more than your average thermostats, most customers find the convenience and options of a Smart thermostat are worth the additional expense.

A digital thermostat with two different temperature settings.

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