An Effort To Extend The Lifespan Of Your Spring AC Unit

7 Simple Ways To Extend Your Air Conditioner’s Life In Spring

When you care for the air conditioning unit in your home properly it will help to ensure that it continues to operate efficiently and work the way that it is supposed to over the course of its expected lifespan. No matter what size or model of AC unit that you have, you can expect to last for many years as long as you care for it properly.

To help extend your air conditioning unit’s life, there are several important things for you to take into consideration.

Two air conditioners are sitting outside in a room.

1. Allow Your Air Conditioner To Rest

When an air conditioner runs constantly, they have a tendency to wear out faster. It is very important to turn off your air conditioner if you are planning on leaving your house for an extended period of time. You can turn your thermostat down at least 5 degrees so that it stays on but doesn’t cool the air. The thermostat can also be turned up at night.

2. Clean The AC Unit Regularly

Even when your air conditioner has the necessary protection it will still need to be cleaned on a regular basis The outside AC unit gets dirty, simply from being outside. Clean out the leaves, dirt, dust and other debris so that your AC unit will continue to work at an optimum level.

3. Get AC Tune-ups Done On A Regular Basis

Having AC tune-ups done regularly is very important to help extend the unit’s life. Regular tune-ups can help to keep the system in great condition and can help to prevent problems from occurring. The best time to have a tune-up done is usually in the spring, right before summer starts and you are using your unit on a more frequent basis.

4. Allow The Air To Circulate

An air conditioning unit pumps cold air into your house. Therefore, proper airflow is necessary in order for an air conditioner to work efficiently. It is very important to clear out any obstructions from your home’s air vents.iii

5. Clean Out The Ducts

In certain situations, the air ducts might be why the cool air isn’t reaching into your house. If you have dirty air ducts, it may slow the air flow down into your house. Debris and dirt accumulate over time inside the air ducts and that can make it hard for cold air to get through.

6. Change Your Filter

Change the filters on your air conditioner frequently to help prevent them from becoming clogged up. Replacing the filters in the air conditioning unit can help to extend its lifespan, save on energy costs, and improve its overall efficiency.

7. Check For Any Leaks

It is very important that you check the air conditioner for potential leaks once a year at least. If the hose has any leaks the unit might have problems that could cause a breakdown. Make sure your system is maintained properly to prevent this from happening.

Lower Energy Bills

A system that is well-maintained doesn’t need to work nearly as hard as a system that is not maintained in order to reach the right temperature, so that means your operating costs are kept stable since you are using less energy.

Improved Reliability

If you do maintenance on a regular basis it will help to keep your system operating at an optimum level to prevent breakdowns from occurring even in extreme conditions.

Increased Durability

Regular maintenance will help to extend the lifespan of your air conditioner and help to delay having to replace your air conditioning unit sooner than is necessary.

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